Tenant Evictions Lancaster, CAThank you for inquiring about Eviction Services here at The Law Stor. For over 20 years we have been offering an array of eviction services such as California 3 Day Eviction Notices & Processing Services to Landlords, Mobile Home Park Owners, Commercial Real Estate Managers, and REO managers in the Lancaster CA, Palmdale and the Antelope Valley areas as well as the Santa Clarita valley. We understand that you want to kick your tenant out, and you may have no idea how to start an eviction. You have come to the right place because our eviction services are an affordable alternative to a high priced eviction attorney.

Why do you need to evict your tenant?

  • Does your tenant owe you past due rent?
  • Did they violate the terms of the lease/rental agreement?
  • Did they move in unauthorized occupants?
  • Did their lease expire, and they are still in the property?
  • Or do you simply want the property back for your own personal use?

Whatever the reason is that you want to evict your tenant, you need to start the eviction process as soon as you can. The paralegal staff here at The Law Stor has handled thousands of evictions under countless circumstances, and we can handle yours.

For a free Eviction Service consultation come into our Lancaster or Santa Clarita office or call us today at 661-940-7362 or fill out a Contact request form and we will get back to you right away.

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