The Law Stor® is a Paralegal Service that has been serving our customers legal document preparation needs since 1995. Our Paralegal staff has the experience and the skills to meet all of your legal document needs.

Not all legal situations require an attorney. Most people believe that they have to hire an attorney for all legal situations. The fact is that there are many common legal situations that do not require the expense of hiring an attorney, you can save hundreds by hiring a Paralegal to prepare your legal forms, court forms and documents.

The Law Stor® is an affordable and reliable source for your legal document preparation needs. Our professional Paralegal staff is prepared to discuss your particular situation with you and will make the best recommendations based on your needs.

In the event that your matter requires the services of an attorney, the Law Stor has established relationships with local attorneys and will make every effort to refer you to the attorney that can best meet your needs.

Free Legal Document Preparation Consultation

For a free Legal Document preparation consultation, come into our Lancaster, CA or Santa Clarita office, call us today at 661-940-7362 or fill out a Contact request form and one of our professional paralegal service staff will get back to you right away.