Tenant Evictions Lancaster, CACalifornia landlord/tenant courts are designed to be accessible to parties representing themselves in eviction cases. Whether you’re a landlord seeking to evict a tenant or a tenant trying to avoid eviction, it is often possible to handle these matters without an attorney. The number one important thing everybody needs to keep in mind is that due process rights make it difficult to get swift action in an eviction case, so it’s not easy to evict tenants and it usually can’t be done quickly.


Many small landlords and most tenants cannot afford to hire an eviction attorney to represent themselves in eviction proceedings. The most important part of the eviction process is often filing the right forms, filing them on time, and filing them correctly. That’s why an experienced California Eviction Document Preparation Service can be so helpful for landlord/tenant court litigants seeking to represent themselves. Some landlord/tenant matters are more complicated than others such as tenant engaging in illegal and/or dangerous activities that endanger all the occupants of the buildings or a case where a tenant is being harassed or discriminated against. If our paralegal staff believes that your situation is too risky or complicated to handle on your own, we will refer you to an Eviction Attorney that can advise you about your legal options.

Why do you need to evict your tenant?

  • Does your tenant owe you past due rent?
  • Did they violate the terms of the lease/rental agreement?
  • Did they move in unauthorized occupants?
  • Did their lease expire, and they are still in the property?
  • Or do you simply want the property back for your own personal use?

For whatever legal reason that you want or need to evict your tenant, you need to start the CA eviction process as soon as you can. The paralegal staff here at The Law Stor has handled thousands of self-represented evictions under countless circumstances, and we can handle your eviction document and notice services.

For over 25 years our paralegal service staff here at The Law Stor has been offering an array of Eviction Services such as California 3 Day Eviction Notices, Eviction Notice Processing Services for Landlords, Mobile Home Park Owners, Commercial Real Estate Managers, and REO managers in the Lancaster CA, Palmdale and the Antelope Valley areas as well as the Santa Clarita valley. We understand that you want to evict your tenant, and you may have no idea how to start the eviction process. You have come to the right place because our eviction services are an affordable alternative to a high priced eviction attorney.

Free CA Eviction Services Consultation

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